How do our projects work?

  1. ASTRN acquires a stake of a physical solar power asset - which produces a regular IRR.
  2. ASTRN creates a "virtual" project and converts the total value of the stake into ASSETRON tokens, at current market value
    1. The project is created as a digital Waves Asset on equal to 100 units.
    2. Each Unit = 1% of the virtual stake
  3. ASSETRON holders can stake their ASSETRON by exchanging the virtual project tokens for ASSETRON tokens.
  4. Virtual Token Holders will receive an airdrop every quarter of the $ return in WAVES, at current market value.
  5. ASTRN Energy will have a permanent buy order on to allow anyone staking the Virtual project to exchange the Virtual Project Tokens back for ASSETRON at any time, thus unstaking.
  6. The Virtual Project term ends after a set period - e.g. 5 year term. ASTRN will then cease to distribute rewards for that token and all current Virtual Project Token holders can use the buy order in step 5. to unstake their ASSETRON.
  7. ASTRN Energy will burn the Virtual Project Tokens.


  • Virtual Project Token Holders are free to trade the virtual tokens as they want via the exchange or privately.
  • Each payout date, the ASTRN Node will scan the current holders of the Virtual Project Tokens and distribute the Waves accordingly.
  • The snapshot of holders will be published on the project page
  • The projects actual return (solar production, expenses, misc) will be published on the project page.
  • The projects are kept virtual to ensure that the staking is anonymous.
  • Average return rates are around 4%-9% depending on the solar generation and usage of the physical solar power plant.
  • Every project will have a minimum reward return rate as per the project specifications.

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