Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASTRN Energy

ASTRN Energy is a company that aims to disrupt the energy market in Australia and then worldwide, by implementing clean energy solutions to communities and businesses. 

What makes you unique

Our mission is to provide an investment management platform for renewable energy producing assets and to secure the future of blockchain based technology and cryptocurrency by providing a consistent financial usage model, linking cryptocurrency with revenue-generating commodities and assets.

What makes us unique in our tasks is that we are not just focusing on a software solution, and promising too many technical applications without real use cases. Too many startup companies in the crypto community fail due to them investing all their ICO funds into a technical solution and having no real world users and customers. Learning from these mistakes, we came up with the idea of tying in our Token Sale and ASSETRON Tokens with a physical, revenue-producing asset, one that contributes towards our mission - a solar power plant.

The Token Sale will not only finance the completion of our Co-Investment Management Platform, but also provide the funds to construct the Flagship ASTRN Energy Solar Power Plant. This power plant will ensure ASTRN Energy has ongoing funds to continue our developments and innovations in the blockchain and energy sector for decades, but also open the gateway for us to construct other renewable energy projects - domestically, commercially and communally - all of which will be placed onto the Platform, with attractive returns, for our Platform Users to invest in using ASTRN Tokens. 

Token Sale participants will not only receive the ASTRN Tokens at a reduced rate, but then be able to re-invest these tokens to earn regular income, and at the same time contribute to a clean energy future.

What are the benefits of using your own cryptocurrency?

Thanks to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we are able to offer an investment platform, that will be a lot more cost-effective.

Some of the advantages of using cryptocurrency , our own ASSETRON (ASTRN) Tokens, on our investment platform - 

  • Safe from Fraud - cryptocurrency are digital and cannot be counterfeited or reversed arbitrarily by the sender, as with credit card charge-backs
  • Immediate Settlement
  • Access to Everyone
  • Lower Fees

Also, unlike many other digital companies using their own digital currency, we will be committed to our currency, as we have total trust in its success and growth - our entire platform will only accept ASTRN Tokens, we will pay all income to asset co-investors in ASTRN Tokens, and we will provide rewards to our users in ASTRN Tokens. We won't be encouraging reliance on fiat currency through "pegged" digital currencies or similar practices. In the instance where we do pay asset income in Fiat, this would be due to local government regulations.

I just want to know the price of Assetron Tokens

Token Sale Period: Pre-sale + 4 Weeks

Pre-sale: $0.025 USD

Week 1: $0.030 USD

Week 2: $0.034 USD

Week 3: $0.038 USD

Week 4: $0.040 USD

Where can we get ASSETRON Tokens after the Token Sale?

ASTRN Tokens will be available on the Waves DEX as soon as all distributions have been finalised. We are also in talks with other exchanges to list the ASTRN Token.

Will there be a whitepaper

Yes the whitepaper can be found in the menu links above in English and other translations.

Will the value of ASSETRON Tokens Change?

As the ASTRN Energy Platform grows, and more projects and users onboard, the demand for ASTRN Tokens will rise, as any transaction on the Platform requires the use of ASSETRON Tokens.

A simple example is this, if there is over 100 million USD worth of projects available to invest into on the Platform, with an estimated volume of 300m - 500m of coins which will be in use (Taking acount Tokens held by Escrow, Long Term Token Holders, Held for pending project profit payouts, etc), this amount of coins has to naturally exceed the 100 million USD mark, and as more projects on board, more payouts need to be paid, the Token will have to naturally be valued by the demand.

This of course can happen in reverse, but as per the whitepaper, we will also be regularly looking to share our profits with our Token Holders, by distributing ASTRN Tokens from our Escrow to those that hold a set nominal amount of Tokens, which will maintain the demand of ASTRN Tokens.

What do you mean by ASTRN Energy on occasion giving rewards to Token Holders in the form of ASTRN Tokens?

We mentioned multiple times that we want to reward our users and maintain a healthy eco-sytem for the ASSETRON Tokens. Although we don't guarantee any profit for holding ASSETRON Tokens themselves, as that would turn ASTRN tokens into securities, which is not our intention, we do plan to on occasion reward those who hold a certain number of Tokens with a bonus.

As per minimum, we will have a constant stream of revenue from the Flagship ASTRN Energy Solar Farm, and through our other revenue streams, we want to share these with our users, strengthening the ASSETRON Token Eco-System.

How will this work?

  • We will make an executive decision to "air-drop" a bonus amount of ASSETRON Tokens to those with a minimum amount on ASTRN Tokens
  • We will calculate the total number of ASTRN to be given as a bonus
  • We will announce how many ASTRN Tokens a user has to have in their Waves Wallet.
  • We will announce a specific time when the distribution will happen, giving users the chance to buy more Tokens to get to the cap, which will enable other users to sell their Tokens, maintaining the demand for the Tokens.
  • At the specified date ASTRN Energy will distribute a share of ASTRN Tokens to the users with the defined X amount of ASTRN Tokens
Is there a bounty for the Token Sale?


10,000,000 ASSETRON (ASTRN) Tokens have been allocated for the Token Sale

The bounty campaign will feature the following

  • White Paper Translations - 1,500,000 ASTRN
    • Russian - 150,000 ASTRN
    • Hindi - 150,000 ASTRN
    • Portuguese - 150,000 ASTRN
    • Mandarin - 150,000 ASTRN
    • Korean - 150,000 ASTRN
    • Arabic - 150,000 ASTRN
    • French - 150,000 ASTRN
    • Japanese - 150,000 ASSETRON
    • Indonesian - 150,000 ASTRN
    • Spanish - 150,000 ASTRN
  • Facebook Campaign - 1,500,000 ASTRN
  • Twitter Campaign - 1,500,000 ASTRN
  • Medium Articles - 1,500,000 ASTRN
  • BitcoinTalk Reviews - 1,500,000 ASTRN
  • Personal Blog Reviews (Must have own domain) - 1,500,000 ASTRN
  • Miscellaneous Rewards- 1,000,000 ASTRN

To receive their share of Bounty Tokens, all participants will need to send proof of work and their Waves Wallet address to

All Bounty Tokens will be distributed after the sale.

What happens if you don't raise what you expect in the ICO?

Although we are very confident that the market will recognise our potential and we receive plenty of backing, we do have alternative arrangements to fulfill our goals.

Our timeline may be postponed due to this, but we already have partnerships and an alternative funding source in place - to accomplish our plans.

Will you be on an exchange?

We are already on the Waves DEX (Token ID 8s9GqZUrCicjGoSAaiPaXQkH6XV3JbmG4wdcieD5s4eL ).

We are also in negotiations with major exchanges to get our Token listed before and after the Token Sale.