About Us

ASTRN Energy originated in 2016 when cryptocurrency staking and the ability to earn passive rewards from holding cryptocurrency was sparse.

After running a successful ICO at the end of 2017, we took the time working out the logistical and technological necessities to implement, to allow us to provide a system where cryptocurrency users can stake their funds in real life solar energy projects and receive a return on this. Unfortunately with the cryptocurrency market dropping after 2017, and major new laws coming into effect that affected the original staking model - we paused major operations to re-establish a working design, and due to being unable to gain enough liquidity to start creating the physical solar projects, that will be used as a basis for the staking model.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have redesigned the project from scratch. Same Mission. New Staff, New Partners, New Approach. ASTRN Energy is now an anonymous borderless entity, utilizing the Waves.Exchage platform and a third party provider to design, organize and implement physical Solar Energy Power Plant projects and convert them to a digital Virtual Energy Project.

Our own tokens, the ASSETRON tokens are to be used to stake into the Virtual Energy Project and the WAVES reward distribution is done by ASTRN staff who manage each project - through the ASTRN Waves Node. Waves.Exchange is already rich in various staking options, and ASTRN Energy aims to add another alternative to staking - by utilizing cryptocurrency to provide a carbon-offsetting green energy solar project to help the world go healthy.

Projects are already in the pipeline and we hope to increase the frequency of new projects as more and more liquidity is realized through the sale of ASSETRON tokens.

ASTRN Energy is completely anonymous, both the organization, the projects and the token holders. Everything is done via the digital token and waves ecosystem, no fiat is involved. Your staking balance and payouts are completely anonymous - only visible as a waves.exchange public address.